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How to play shooting fish game is one of the interesting and hot products at any time. Let’s learn effective tips for shooting fish for money in this article. Bet you will find it very interesting to watch.

Popularity of shooting fish game

Popularity of shooting fish game

Fish shooting game is a game that uses the game’s available guns to shoot fish that appear on the screen.Some weapons when playing fish shooting game for coins include: cannons, bombs, radioactive substances, poisons, fish traps, electric shock, double gold,…

The value of each fish must depend on its size. When you hit the target, you will receive the corresponding bonus.Usually, the smaller and harder the fish is to shoot, the more attractive the bonus rate is.

Instructions on how to play online fish shooting game

To be honest, playing the fish shooting game is too easy for gamblers.

You just need to follow these four steps:

Step 1: Choose a reputable bookmaker and register an account

First, you also need to choose a reputable fish shooting house and create an account to start playing the game.

Step 2: Deposit coins into your account

You can use e-wallet or the house’s deposit methods to deposit money into your account. After depositing money, that amount will be converted into points or coins to play the game. Right after this step, you have started playing the fish shooting game.

Step 3: Choose the gun barrel

Choose the gun barrel you want to shoot, there are often many different gun sizes. Choosing the right gun barrel is also the first effective way to shoot fish for coins.

Step 4: Shoot fish

After completing the above steps, you can start playing the shooting fish game. Choose and hunt suitable fish to collect bonus points and coins for yourself.

Step 5: Withdraw money when winning

Finally, if your hunting trip is successful and you get a trophy. Please proceed to withdraw money according to the bookmaker’s steps. Very simple and convenient.

This guide is short and easy to understand, right? This is really one of the interesting money-making games that you should try!

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Instructions for playing fish shooting: Important notes

Instructions for playing fish shooting: Important notes

The ocean world contains extremely valuable treasures, as long as you know how to exploit them, you can make a fortune. Please refer to the notes below to become a top earning fisherman.

Tips for shooting fish for coins – Do not choose a gun barrel that is too high

The effective secret is not to choose gun barrels that are too high. This way, you will easily run out of bullets before you have even hunted any fish.

Choose a gun barrel with a moderate and small size, avoid being too greedy and causing regrettable losses!

Don’t just target big fish

The second effective way to play the fish shooting game that 90jili want to suggest. That is, you should not just aim to shoot big fish.

Because big fish bring big bonuses, which also means very high difficulty. In addition to your talent in aiming, there is also the element of luck. Many times you shoot hundreds of coins but the fish still doesn’t die.

But on the contrary, many people only shoot a few shots and can hunt big fish, even the most valuable mermaids.

Do not shoot indiscriminately without purpose

The last effective way to shoot fish is to shoot with purpose. You should not shoot indiscriminately and without any purpose. Doing so will cause you to miss many opportunities to win and hunt fish. Shoot at the fish you’ve already aimed at so you don’t miss!

But if you find it too difficult, go hacking. After hacking, you will always feel like a winner. What is the way to win the fish shooting machine that gamers are spreading to each other? Does this fish shooting tip really help make a lot of money from the house? All will be in this article.

Understand the money-making mechanism of the shooting fish machine to be ready

Current fish shooting machines or scratch card exchange fish shooting games are based on the number of fish shot to calculate points for players.

Each type of fish corresponds to a certain level of coins/money and depends on the level of danger, size, color, etc. With basic equipment such as guns with many levels of bullets, players use them to shoot down fish.

In addition, there are many other weapons when leveling up, killing big bosses, and lucky bonuses to make the game more interesting. In general, playing fish shooting is “as easy as eating candy” and even young children can play and master it.

Nowadays, with online gaming, it is very difficult for the house to cheat. But players have many ways to play the best and most effective fish shooting machine.

Top 8 tips for shooting fish to win money and win at the house

Top 8 tips for shooting fish to win money and win at the house

Playing fish shooting is simple, but to be professional and successfully shoot fish for rewards, you need to equip many different skills.

The 8 ways below are the bridge for us to win and don’t forget to apply them to reap all the house’s rice.

1. How to shoot fish for money – Understand the rules of the game

Any game requires learning about the rules, how to calculate points, how to use function keys, how to use equipment, etc.

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Don’t be confident that you have many years of playing experience but be subjective. Because many fish shooting games have different interfaces to increase appeal. The reward redemption rules as well as the scoring mechanism of each brand may not be the same. If you don’t understand the rules of the game, it’s like risking your bets from the first games.

Knowing who knows you, winning a hundred battles, so before entering a new table, don’t forget to review the rules. If you do not understand the regulations, you must immediately contact Customer Service for immediate explanation

2. Tips for playing shooting fish machine – Shoot slowly but surely

Many people, when entering the table, shoot continuously with the mentality that if they shoot quickly, it will be easier to hit and quickly defeat the target.

This is completely wrong because whether or not you kill a fish depends on the bullet’s power and how well you aim.

The way to win at the fish shooting machine that we should apply is to aim accurately, shoot slowly but surely to limit waste. Over time, your sensitivity to the gun barrel and joystick will also increase. Once there, I can proactively shoot at will.

3. Tips for playing shooting fish game – Choose fish according to bullet strength

Have you ever wondered why each type of fish receives different rewards? Size is only part of the reason and the main reason is difficulty.

The difficulty here is that we need to shoot for a long time and shoot a lot of bullets to take them down. From that knowledge, we know how to choose appropriate goals.

The shooting fish tip that experts want to emphasize here is to choose fish according to available ammunition to avoid waste. Fish that shoot the necessary amount of bullets will die, so they should determine what goal they are aiming for to adjust.

For example, for large fish, strong bullets are adjusted, with many bullets focused on the target, while small fish only need to shoot one shot, using bombs, etc.

4. Shooting fish techniques – Choose the right equipment

In fish shooting games, there are equipment – advanced weapons with strong destructive power capable of destroying targets quickly and accurately.

They are given when you level up, defeat a big boss or have a lucky draw.

Anyone would like to receive this equipment because it will give them more advantages. In addition, you can buy your own equipment by accumulating points or recharging coins.

5. Tips for shooting fish for money – Increase bullet type from small to large

Using strong bullets to shoot small, weak fish, using weak bullets to shoot huge bosses is not the way to beat a fish shooting machine.

We should gradually increase bullets from weak to strong depending on the table. Usually, the starting and novice levels are small, with no monsters or big bosses.

The best way is based on the type of fish at each table to adjust the bullet level to be most effective. This method applies to all fish shooting games and will help you earn a decent amount of coins.

6. Fish shooting game techniques – Adjust bullet speed

Bullet speed also helps you gain an advantage over your opponents. If the bullets are fired quickly and strongly, we will be successful in hunting fish. Especially rare fish or lucky rewards for players who know how to seize the opportunity.

7. Tips for playing shooting fish game – Hunt for positive rewards

Gamers tell each other that the most effective fish shooting tip is to try to hunt big bosses and monsters. Successfully hunting a boss means we will receive great rewards and be promoted to many levels.

8. Secret to shooting fish – Hacking the game to create an advantage

In addition to the 7 ways to win the fish shooting machine above, you also have another “eel” way which is hacking the game. Hacking the fish shooting game for coins means you use some software to play. We have an article detailing this trick.


The 08 ways to win the shooting fish machine above are all real combat experiences of gamers and bring practical results.

Apply them in your games to make hacking money from the house simpler. Wishing you good luck and confidence when applying the fish shooting tips mentioned above.

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