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How Many Rounds Does The FA Cup Have? Let’s find the most accurate answer with

Information about the FA Cup

FA CUP is the acronym for The Football Association Challenge Cup, a football tournament held usually once a year in England. The FA Cup is considered the world’s first and oldest official football tournament.

The FA Cup was first held in the 1871 – 1872 season and has taken place every year since then except for the years during the two world wars. It is a knockout tournament; matches are randomly selected through a draw. Small teams will start competing in the qualifying round in early August, and big professional teams competing in the Premier League will start in the third round.

FA Cup competition format

The FA Cup has more than 700 teams registered to participate each year so that this tournament will start in August and end in May of the following year. The specific format of the FA Cup is as follows:

Teams will compete against each other in a knockout format from qualifying round 1 to official round 5. The quarter-finals and semi-finals will have 2 rounds of matches. The final match will be held at Wembley Stadium with only 1 match.

If the following two teams draw in the matches before the quarter-finals, there will be a rematch. If the rematch is inconclusive, extra time and penalty shootouts will be played.

Starting from the 2016 – 2017 season, in the quarterfinals, if the teams draw, there will not be a replay, but there will also be extra time and penalty shootouts.

The FA Cup champion will have one place to compete in the UEFA Europa League group stage next season. In addition, they will also meet the Premier League champion team in the English Super Cup match.

Reading this far, even though we don’t know how many rounds the FA Cup has, many people can guess this tournament will have many rounds.

Interesting statistics about the teams that have won the FA Cup

The FA Cup is an annual tournament held every year, so throughout history, many teams have won the throne in this tournament. Below are interesting statistics about the teams that have won the FA Cup:

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Arsenal is the team that has won the championship the most, 14 times in total. 2nd is Manchester United with 2 times less.

Up to now, 23 teams have won the FA Cup.

Manchester City is currently the defending champion of the tournament.

The Big 6 group of the Premier League has won the championship 57 times in all.

How many rounds does the FA Cup have, and why does it have such several rounds?

Are you still wondering how many rounds there are in the FA Cup? Or why does this tournament have such several rounds? Please continue reading the article’s following part to get the most accurate answer.

How many rounds does the FA Cup have in total?

How many rounds does the FA Cup have? This soccer cup tournament has a total of 12 rounds in total. They include 4 qualifying rounds and 8 official competition rounds:

Qualifying rounds include qualifying round 1, qualifying round 2, qualifying round 3, and qualifying round 4.

Official competition rounds: first round, second round, third round, round of 32 teams, round of 16 teams, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final round.

The matches will take place randomly according to the lottery format, the team drawn first will be the team that plays at home first. Sometimes matches may have to be relocated due to problems or other events taking place. Semi-final matches will be played at neutral stadiums. The final match of the FA Cup will be played at Wembley Stadium according to tradition.

Why does the FA Cup have so many rounds?

After knowing how many rounds the FA Cup has, surely many of you will wonder “why does this tournament have so many rounds”? The answer is actually very simple, because the FA Cup has many teams competing. On average, each year there are more than 700 teams participating, with such a huge number, it is very normal to have many rounds. The FA Cup can be considered the football tournament with the most rounds of competition.

Above is an article that answers questions surrounding the question of how many rounds there are in the FA Cup. Hopefully, through 55bmw’s article, you will understand all the information about this prestigious cup tournament.

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